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What is Cadence?

In today’s society, music plays a key role as an indicator of - and a tool for change.

Cadence is like the sonic aura around a musical work that gives it meaning and resonance beyond its melodic structure and form. 

Cadence could be the meta-narrative influencing it, the mythic layer informing it or the conceptual layer re-framing it.

Cadence is and becomes what the artist brings with them as they enter the room and leaves ever resonating within, during and after.

Cadence is allowing art to pass through culture with prismatic mindfulness as a reminder to bring resistance to commerciality and conventional form. 

Cadence has become a guiding philosophy in how projects are conceived, developed and completed with what chimes and resonate with their spirit and essence. 

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Current & Past Projects

Here are some projects, that I have been fortunate to have engaged with, that embody Cadence. 

The Cageance Project

Dan AM.jpeg.png

Dan Am

Inspirational Noise


Voice Gallery




Cadence is founded by Eva Brandt, Danish music producer, sound artist, singer, consultant and manager, who has been living in London for the past 20 years running the HMVS recording studio.

She has a masters in Studio Composition from Goldsmiths University and has been working extensively with computer music, generative sound and voice concepts and also been involved in all stages of artist management, production and development, both independently and through organisations such as WAC Arts, CM, RSL Awards and Ultimate Artists.

She is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark while working with artists and projects worldwide. 



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